Thursday, October 25, 2007

Half of NKBA Showrooms Plan Promo for 2008

Two-thirds of NKBA retailers surveyed recently have showrooms, and 53% of those who do have promotional events planned in them for 2008. An open house is the most popular event, with 76% of respondents taking that route. Almost 29% are holding a product demonstration, 16.8% plan a cooking class, 8.8% will have a celebrity appearance, 16.0% haven’t yet decided on the type of event; and 24.8% have some other sort, including giveaways, clinics and seminars.
Roughly one out of every three respondents exhibits at local home shows, and those who do exhibit at an average of two such shows. Nearly 80% build their booths themselves, about 15% buy or rent pre-fab booths, and just under 6% buy custom-made booths. Average amount spent is $1,617, although 30.3% spend more than $2,500 on their home show booths.

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