Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kitchen/Bath Dealers Average 38 Prospects, 23 Sales in March

Spring brought good news for kitchen and bath dealers in the form of more showroom visitors and more sales, according to NKBA's Business Barometer Survey for March. Respondents averaged 37.6 showroom prospects during the month, up from an average of 28.9 prospects in February.
Dealers reported closing an average of 10.8 kitchen sales and 12.3 bathroom sales in March, both up from February results. Reported average price of a kitchen job was $33,544, and reported average price of a bath was $12,792. However 53.6% of respondents reported fewer kitchen sales in March, 2008 than in the same month last year, and 44.6% reported fewer bath sales than in March, 2007.
Some 45.4% of respondents expected sales to rise during the period April-September over the previous six months. Another 28.2% expected a sales decline over the next half-year.

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