Monday, September 8, 2008

77% of Dealers Asked by Clients About Sustainable Design

Seventy-seven percent of dealers had customer requests or inquiries about sustainable design of kitchens or baths in the past 12 months, and three out of four brought up the subject of sustainable design without being asked.
Those are some of the results of a recent survey of kitchen and bath dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. More than 150 dealers responded.
Nearly 12% of the dealers said clients have a high level of interest in sustainable kitchens and baths, while 56% said that clients had a moderate level. Just 28% reported a low level of interest, and under 4% reported a very low level.
About 43% said their client had done a little research on sustainability issues when they walk into the showroom, and 41% said clients had done some research. Five percent said clients had done a lot of research on the issue, while 11% said clients had done no research.
The use of renewable resources ranked highest among client concerns, said 77% of the dealers. Sixty-three percent cited health issues from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other factors; the same number said clients cited potential energy savings. Potential water savings ranked high for 39%, 17% said carbon impact, and 8% cited other factors including use of local products and the business practices of the dealer.

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